{Announcement} In Which I Change the Schedule

Greetings, dear readers!

First off, thank you for joining me in my essay-blogging adventure! I deeply appreciate the support I’ve received in the first month of Crystal Witnesses Wonders.

My goal so far has been to post a new essay every Wednesday and Saturday. In envisioning this journey, I thought surely, since blogged essays are relatively brief, I’d be able to manage this schedule while also attending to my other regular responsibilities.

I have a history of planning more ambitiously than is sustainable, and unfortunately, this is one of those circumstances. I can manage the two essays a week, but only if I let a lot of other things fall by the wayside (including… actually witnessing the wonders… oops). So as of now, I’m changing my regular schedule to one essay every Saturday, which I hope will allow me to create better pieces for your enjoyment moving forward.

So stay tuned for a new essay coming this Saturday. And in the meanwhile, if you’re new, check out some of my existing essays!

Thank you again, dear readers, for following, reading, and liking my work!

All the very best, Crystal

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